(16mm, 6 minutes, color/sound, 2022)

Dr. Eva Ray is now approaching 90. Eva is a holocaust survivor who fled the Nazis in former Yugoslavia with her mother and sister. They settled in New York City, where she proceeded to spend her formative years. Eva worked for NASA as a biochemist—retiring in her late 50’s and she’s been heavily involved in local politics ever since. This portrait film of my grandmother weaves through past and present, exploring the role that memory has on who she is today.

Additional Cinematography
Leonardo Pirondi
Sound Mix
Craig Smith

• Mimesis Documentary Festival (2023)
Montreal Underground Film Festival (2023)
• HEAVY LIGHT by San Diego Underground Arts (2023)
• Athens International Film and Video Festival (2023)
Engauge Experimental Film Festival (2022)
Antimatter [Media Art] (2022)
REDCAT (2022)
Bideodromo (2022)